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Welcome to KIPON erga

KIPON erga was established at 1999.

The garden, like all green projects, requires knowledge, experience and the active involvement of all involved, manufacturer - conservator and owner.

Our exclusive preoccupation with the design, construction and maintenance of our green spaces gives the lead and the confidence necessary to create the best results, with durability, quality and correct financial figures and of course faithfull to the demands and dreams of every client.

Konstantinos Angelopoulos, Agronome - Landscape Architect
KIPON erga.

We are supportive

We take care of the regular and complete maintenance of the projects we create or of pre-existing gardens.

We are consequent

The construction and implementation of the project is carried out by our own specialized personnel, and always in the foreseen time.

We are experts

In space configuration

We design and create the customer's preferences enriched with the advice of our special agronomist.

Our Services



We undertake the regular and complete maintenance of the projects we deliver as well as in existing gardens. We use the right fertilizers and plant… Περισσότερα


We offer a great variety of services for the outdoor area. For example:

Planning for the plants and lawn, electric lighting and decoration.<… Περισσότερα


We design and create according to the customer's preferences as well as the advice of our specialist agronomist. We use excellent materials and alw… Περισσότερα

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